Trying Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream in Brevard, NC (Oct. 2016)–an absolute winner!

Meet the Author, Lismarie.

Hello, world! I am Lismarie–known by some as Lisa, Lis or Lisy–at this point I have given up trying to stick to just one nickname, so pick your favorite because I like them all! Through Diamonds and Baguettes I hope to deliver style, advocacy, food, travel and lifestyle stories. Some days I like to have strawberries, baguettes and a little bubbly and others I like a good whiskey and cigar–so expect to see anything in between here!

I am an artist, musician, health and fitness aficionado and lover of philanthropy. Here’s to a good match!

Why “Diamonds and Baguettes?” In a way, the are both luxuries. Seeing why a diamond is a luxury is no hard task, but one may own more “diamonds” in life than what meets the eye. A piece of bread is very simple but can also be a luxury. The latter is a more mysterious story–one that marries a variety of my interests. Bread can be a luxury if you are in physical need of food but it can also be a luxury if you are a meticulous eater; it can be a luxury if you appreciate fine food craftsmanship and if it is accompanied by great conversations.